Technique Tuesday – Running Backs – Carrying the Football

April 5th, 2016

The ball is the most important thing on the field. It is the only way to win the game. Running backs need to know how to hold the ball properly to keep possession and win.

  • The front tip of the ball must be completely covered by either closed fingers or the palm of your hand. This will ensure that the ball is secured when running.
  • The outside panel of the ball must press against the forearm. Your fingers should be pointed at the body.
  • Curve your wrist so the side of the ball is resting against it. Your arm should mimic the natural curve of the ball to create a “pocket” including your forearm, wrist and shoulder.
  • It is imporatant that you use your whole arm to support the weight of the ball, not just use your hand or fingers.
  • Inside panel of the ball must press against the ribs and rest slightly forward on the abdomen.
  • The elbow should be as close to the body as possible. This ensures great ball control with little exposure to the backside area for punch outs and strips.
  • The “Off-Hand” should be placed on top of the ball for added protection. When running in traffic, it’s important for the carrier to shield the ball and anticipate encounters.
  • Squeeze the ball firmly to make sure you have a tight grip on the ball while running.
  • Anytime you drop down low to change direction – simultaneously squeeze the ball and ensure added security.
  • Carry the ball on a side in order to help facilitate the best possible natural running form. Make sure to use the “Off-Ball” hand with proper running form.

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