Perfecting technique is a constant process. Tom Brady proves that fact once again.

February 3rd, 2017

Ahead of his seventh Super Bowl appearance, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady once again evoked the truth that technique plus talent beats talent alone.

Brady was spotted wearing a quarterback wristband at practice on Thursday – no surprise there, the wristband is a customary piece of apparel for Brady.  These wristbands typically contain play verbiage for varying game scenarios.  Today, though, Brady’s contained clear reminders for himself regarding his throwing motion.

Reminders of “toes” and “bend knees” at the top seem simple and almost silly for a player of Brady’s caliber to be wearing on his wrist three days before a Super Bowl.  But like all great athletes, at any point of their careers, Brady knows that talent alone is not enough.

Just as Football University teaches, chasing perfect technical skill and mechanics is a constant process.  Look no further than Tom Brady for proof.

0202-tom-brady-super-bowl-practice-photos-sub-3Image: Getty

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