Athletes Get Better at Football University

July 11th, 2018

Athletes from middle school through high school attend regional Football University camps all summer long each year. Football University aims to make all athletes better, whether that is on the field or in the classroom. Building character, along with building skills as a football athlete, make FBU camps the best of the best.

At this year’s Football University Top Gun High School Showcase, we had a chance to speak with two parents that better explained how their sons improved over their time with Football University.

Angie Reis, the mother of 2019 linebacker Jack Reis, attended Football University originally in order for her son to get better at playing football. It wasn’t solely to get recruited or to get a college scholarship – though, that’s certainly a goal. Jack knows he has his mind set on studying computer science and has a real intent to succeed academically. When he realized he could possibly play football and attend a school with a great computer science program, Football University became home for him to tune up his abilities on the field, all while keeping his academic goals at the forefront.

Angie states, “Jack is very academically driven. We didn’t choose FBU for the purpose of recruitment. We chose it for skill-building. We were shopping for a camp with coach quality and personal development opportunities, and we found that at FBU.”

Another parent, Jeff Edwards, parent of 2021 athlete Pierce Muthui-Edwards, has been with Football University for three years running. Pierce has participated in the FBU Freshman All-American Bowl, FBU Top Gun, and FBU regional camps. Over these past three years, Jeff has seen an immense improvement in his son’s skills and personal character. This year, he was granted a class of 2021 All Top Gun Team designation.

“My son has gained a lot of skill over the past three years from having the coaching, guidance and self-viewing film study that FBU provides,” stated Jeff. “My favorite aspect of the camp, and my son’s as well is the ability to focus on skill and review film in the classroom. His coach loves what he brings to the table. He stands out more…and a lot of that is from this camp.”

Jeff noticed an increase in his son’s personal skills as well. “He’s learned how to be a great teammate. That sense of a team is a big deal for him. He’s coachable, and he uses that to better himself. He takes constructive criticism, and takes that criticism humbly.”

When we asked Pierce personally, he stated “I love the competition. FBU teaches great technique, and I love the coaches I’ve had. Personally, I feel like I’ve become more vocal on my team back home, and my skills are noticed.”

His suggestion to future FBU athletes…”Pay attention in the classroom. Listen to what the coaches are telling you because they have a lot of experience.”

Football University understands that we don’t just need to produce better athletes, but prepare them as the next generation of leaders. Student-athletes get better here, personally, athletically, and professionally.


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