FBU Tight Ends Rankings 1-5

April 4th, 2018

Tight Ends are considered a security blanket for all quarterbacks. The current NFL Draft class has several tight ends who can both catch and block. Football University goes in-depth on the pros and cons of the top five available tight end prospects.

Mark Andrews

+ Strong route runner

+ Athletic build


– Poor blocker

– Must regain old speed, speed levels changed while at Oklahoma

*Football University alum

**All-American Bowl alum

Mike Gesicki

+ Hands

+ Vertical threat, highpoints the ball extremely well

+ Extremely athletic, improved stock at NFL Combine


– Must improve blocking

– Plays more like a receiver, must prove he is a true tight end

*Football University alum


Hayden Hurst

+ Very reliable hands

+ Loves contact, will lower his shoulder on defenders


– 25 years old, physically will not change much more

– Needs to improve route running

Dallas Goedert

+ Good body control, former basketball player

+ Gamer, teams will find a way to get him the football


– Must use two hands to catch the ball

– Needs to become a physical blocker

Troy Fumagalli

+ Competitive blocker, has improved over the years

+ Very reliable pass catcher, has mits for hands


– Top heavy, small legs for such a large frame

– More of a zone receiver, will not run past defensive backs

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