FBU Thinks: 2018 NFL Draft Selections

April 26th, 2018


The 2018 NFL Draft is shaping up to be one of the most exciting drafts in recent memory. There has been no clear indication of what will happen at the top of the draft. Teams have multiple picks in the top 50 and lots of needs. Football University presents our own version of the mock draft for picks 1-5.

FBU did our mock draft with two different philosophies. The first one is labeled FBU Selects, those selections are based off what our team would do if we were the owners and general managers of those franchises. Next selection format is labeled We Think, those are what we believe the teams will do after hearing and reading different reports.

Cleveland Browns


FBU Selects: Sam Darnold

Of all the quarterbacks Darnold has the best traits to be successful in Cleveland. His ability to move in the pocket and throw on the run will be helpful with the retirement of Joe Thomas.

We think: Baker Mayfield

The Browns have missed on “winners” in the past and Mayfield was very successful throughout college. Recent news of Josh Allen’s social media past may force him to slip and Mayfield to be selected.

New York Giants


FBU Selects: Saquon Barkley

The Giants will attempt to make one final playoff run with Eli Manning under center. By selecting Barkley they add a dynamic playmaker to their offense.

We think: Sam Darnold

With Mayfield being selected at No.1 it will be too hard to pass up Darnold. The only quarterback option that the Giants would consider taking with the No.2 spot falls to them.

New York Jets

FBU Selects: Josh Rosen

The Jets are in desperate need of a good QB. With the most polished passer still on the board at No.3 they select Rosen with no hesitation.

We think: Josh Rosen

The Jets need a quarterback of the future and Rosen would be a perfect fit. With the best mechanics of all the quarterbacks in the draft and someone who wants the spotlight he resurrects the Jets.

Cleveland Browns

FBU Selects: Bradley Chubb

They find a great pairing to last year’s number one overall pick and have a nightmare defensive line for years to come.

We think: Saquon Barkley

Probably the dream scenario for the Browns. They get the quarterback they want at No.1 and are able to land arguably the best prospect in the draft at Barkley with pick No.4.

Denver Broncos

FBU Selects: Trade Alert! Josh Allen

The Buffalo Bills will put together a package for John Elway and company to move up and select at No.5. If Buffalo moves up in the draft they will select quarterback Josh Allen.

We think: Bradley Chubb

The Broncos will sit back and wait for the dominos of the picks ahead of them and select the best player left on the board. Pair Chubb with Von Miller and they will have an elite defensive line.

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