Technique – Throwing on the Run

March 1st, 2020

“It’s not wanting to win that makes you a winner; it’s refusing to fail.” – Peyton Manning

Checkpoint 1 : Gain Depth

Whether the play is designed to throw on the run or scrambling outside of the pocket to make a play, gaining depth is the most important rule. The first step is to take a 45 degree angle behind you to whichever way the throw is intended to go. Having both hands on the ball and positioning it at the chest level, moving the ball “peck to peck”.

Checkpoint 2 : Get Over the Arch

Getting all momentum heading “down hill” towards the line of scrimmage is a must to make an accurate throw on the run. Having your belly button pointing to the target continuing to run towards it.

Checkpoint 3 : Shoulder at Target

Continuing to run at your target, start to rotate and point opposite throwing shoulder to where you want to throw the ball. This will allow you to have more force behind your throw.

Checkpoint 4 : Finish

Over-emphasize throwing motion while finishing the throw on the run. Your run should be full speed, slowing down before finishing will cause your body to be out in front of your arm, making you inaccurate. Finally, follow your throw. By doing this your momentum will help your throw to be more accurate.

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