FBU Wide Receiver Rankings 1-5

March 28th, 2018

The NFL Draft is a closely approaching, there are plenty of pass catchers who could hear their name early. Football University gives you a breakdown of the top five available wide receivers prospects in the draft.

1.      Calvin Ridley

+ Quick, allows him to lose defenders

+ Good route runner


– Small frame, might not be durable for a 16 game season

– Drops were an issue while at Alabama

2.    James Washington

+ Great vertical threat, always a home run hitter for Oklahoma State

+ Exceptional at tracking the ball, does not peak early in his routes


        Not a polished route runner, was not asked to do much in college.

        Needs to adjust to NFL playing style, B1G 12 is NASCAR style football

3.      Courtland Sutton

+ Big bodied receiver  

+ Catches the ball in traffic, not afraid to run across the middle of the field


–  Will not scare opponents with his speed

–  Needs to improve on separation

4. Christian Kirk

+ Very quick, electric with the ball in space

+ Always open, found a way to shine with inconsistent quarterback play at A&M


– Small sized receiver

– Does not have a large catch radius

* Football University Alum

5.      D.J. Moore

+ Good with the ball in space

+ Quick, easily eludes slow defenders


– Needs to become a more polished route runner

– Does not catch the ball well in traffic

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