All American Games rewards grit at the 2017 FBU Top Gun Showcase

July 17th, 2017
All American Games Grit Award recognizes student-athletes that embody passion and perseverance, possessing the determination to achieve their objectives as they overcome obstacles.



All athletes can harness it – if they work at it.

It is the hallmark of high achievers in every domain.  Full devotion to a singular objective can lead to an optimistic, process-driven environment conducive to growth in the individual and in the team.

What goes through your mind when you fail and get back up and try again, your actions when nobody is around — it is those things that make all the difference.

The annual FBU Top Gun Showcase puts the mental, physical and technical skill of 1,400 student-athletes under intense pressure.  In that environment, achievement is not only about talent or luck.  It’s about persistence.

Class of 2019 running back Nathan Sims (Springstead High School/Springhill, Fla.) and 2022 running back AJ Harris (St. Louis, Mo.) were awarded All American Games’ Grit Award for their passion, perseverance, and persistent efforts to be their very best at the 2017 FBU Top Gun Showcase.

2019 RB Nathan Sims, Top Gun High School Grit Award recipient


2022 RB AJ Harris, Top Gun Middle School Grit Award recipient

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