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Athletes Get Better at Football University

Athletes from middle school through high school attend regional Football University camps all summer long each year. Football University aims to make all athletes better, whether that is on the field or in the classroom. Building character, along with building skills as a football athlete, make FBU camps the best of the best. At this year’s Football University Top Gun High School Showcase, we had  [ Read More ]

2018 FBU Top Gun Showcase Award Winners

FBU GRIT Award Winners 2019 OL Colin Jackson 2020 DL Eric Burns 2021 Pablo Carreno   FBU Leadership Award Winne 2019 OL William Jones 2020 RB Tadarrin Reaves 2021 WR Cael Boyd 2018 FBU Top Gun Overall MVP @Gatorade Winner. TE Erick All FBU All American Bowl Invites   OL Julian Jackson OL Hunter Ryan LB Houston Horton All American Bowl Invitees 2021 QB Preston  [ Read More ]

Class of 2020 All Top Gun Team

Quarterbacks Kade Renfro Matthew Middleton Andrew Hobson Jackson McIntyre Gavin Kuld Anthony Safford Jr. Wide Receivers Kale Anderson Clay Padgett Jonathan Vega Joshua Norman Caleb Hammonds Joshua Nieves Harrison Truitt Running Backs Tavio Banks Tadarrin Reaves Elijah Stokley Michael Odette Micah Cox Offensive Linemen Jaime Lara Devin Kylany Andrew Nee Gage Bassham Ayden Visage Thomas Temple Defensive Linemen Tommy Wilson TaJohn Wright Ryker Matthews Ryan  [ Read More ]

2021 QB Preston Stone earns invitation to the All-American Bowl

2021 quarterback Preston Stone came to the 2018 Football University Top Gun Showcase with 37 college offers. After his outstanding performance, he left with one invite. He sat down with Chad Ricardo, the voice of youth football and Football University creative media partner. Chad asked him all about his successes as an athlete, and personal admiration of Football University. “The best guys are always going  [ Read More ]

Class of 2021 All Top Gun Team

Quarterbacks: Preston Stone* Vincenzo Meschi Ja’Sem Atonio Dorian Plumley Hayden Vasquez Parker Wells Cade Klubnik *Selected to the 2021 All-American Bowl   Wide Receivers Cael Boyd Kaden Dudley Pierce Muthui-Edwards Jalen Grills Tre Shackelford Christian Romero Javerius McGuinn Justin Waybright Running Backs Jayden Louis Devon Mendoza Christian Boivin Jaichaun Stanton Freddie Pettus Offensive Linemen Jager Burton Devin Luckett Wyatt Standridge Hunter Ryan Will Stein Defensive  [ Read More ]

Class of 2019 All Top Gun Team

Quarterbacks Isaiah Velez Maleik Patrick Jason Penn McCall Ray Brandon Smith Wide Receivers Erick All Jacob Wallace Charles Bryers Traveon Latimore Gerald Harris Nathan Sims Running Backs Mark Ward Kyle Weber Fredrick Davis Zaheer Seabrooks Hunter Coulter Anwar Lewis Offensive Linemen Xavier Truss* Caleb Hernandez Timothy Downs Brennan Ebbert William Jones Defensive Linemen Quashon Fuller* Zyan Hollis Taylor Deem Kenja Jenkins Tyree Jones Linebackers Zachary  [ Read More ]

Slide Feet First

Best Ability is Availability      As a quarterback your most important ability is AVAILABILTY. If you are unable to stay healthy your coaches and teammates will be not be able to count on you. In some instances you are forced to scramble in the pocket or rush for extra yards. Make sure you slide feet first to prevent injury. If you decided to slide  [ Read More ]

Proper Tackling Form

– Get Low – Wrap up your opponent – Keep your head up – Drive your feet – Make sure they fully hit the ground

Route Running Tip

Ever heard your coach say to settle when running routes? He is most likely telling you this because you’re already open but not looking for the ball. Learn to sit and settle in the zone. Find a soft spot in the defense and box yourself out so that your quarterback can find you. This will allow you to box out defenders and give your quarterback  [ Read More ]

FBU Alum Joey Bosa NFL Top 100

The NFL Network ranks the Top 100 players every season. Football University alum Joey Bosa made the list at No. 37.   Bosa finished the 2018 season with 12.5 sacks and 70 total tackles. He is regarded as one of the top pass rushers in the entire league. Bosa began his path to stardom at FBU Central Florida when he was in high school.