Tony Ballard


Position: Quarterbacks

Coach Tony knew in high school that one day he would become a coach, a teacher, and motivator for athletes of all ages, specifically those desiring to develop and/or refine their talent in the Quarterback position.

Ballard played quarterback at Florida A&M University and learned the position inside and out, studying the fundamental techniques that make a Quarterback great.

He truly believes you must be a “student of the game” first, so that you can ultimately be a “master of the game”.

In the Tampa Bay area Coach Tony developed an eye for recognizing Quarterbacks, and this is where he began training young Quarterbacks.  After years of experience, in Florida and Georgia, working with Quarterbacks at all levels, he founded “HUSTLE INC QUARTERBACKS ACADEMY”.

Over the past 20 years, Coach Tony has helped develop hundreds of Quarterbacks; from refining their technique in the position to teaching them the value of being a leader on the field and in the classroom. Coach Tony’s attention to detail, knowledge of the game, and the ability to translate complex techniques into an easily recognizable language separates him from the rest.


Playing Career

  • College: Florida A&M University

Coaching Career

  • Quarterbacks Coach for 4 separate State Championship Teams.
  • He has developed 8 high school All-American quarterbacks.
  • Founder of HUSTLE INC. 7V7 team.
  • Since its inception in 2015, HUSTLE INC. 7V7 has seen 98% of its student-athletes earn scholarships.
  • Quarterback instructor for the National Combine at the All-American Bowl.

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