Sean Arrington


Position: Defensive Linemen

A native of New York City who would move to North Carolina during his Junior year of High School, where he graduated with honors from New Bern High School. After graduating, Coach Sean would begin his minor league career in the state of North Carolina in the Mason Dixon Football League. He would then pursue his professional career, landing in the Arena League. Throughout his playing career of 20+ years, Sean has been a part of several championships including a Professional Arena Championship in 2019.

Throughout his career, Sean has always had a passion for learning and teaching the game of football. He would begin his coaching career in 2012. Over the years Coach Sean would hold many coaching positions such as Quarterback, Running Back, Defensive Line, and Linebackers coach as well as a few Head Coaching positions.

In 2019, Sean realized he had a calling to help athletes improve their physical performance for their sport of choice. He officially launched Marathon Fitness and Training, LLC; a strength and conditioning program for all athletes to gain an edge both mentally and physically on their competition.

Sean brings energy, passion, and leadership to the field each day. It is often said that players feed off his infectious energy and enthusiasm. His dedication and commitment to the game show each time his steps onto the field, as he is known for coaching in his football cleats demonstrating techniques, drills, and specific movements as he teaches.

Coach Sean lives by, “Do your job, nothing more, nothing less”.

Career Highlights

·         Honorable Mention All American

·         NEFL Championship (2013)

·         UFFOA Championship (2017)

·         AFL Championship (2019)

·         National Championship (2018, 2019, 2020)

·         ECFL Championship (2021)

·         Peace River Championship (2021)

·         Coaching (2012 – Current)

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