September, 2015

Technique Tuesday – Offensive Line Drive Block Footwork

The heart and soul of any good football team is its offensive line. There’s no position in football that requires more technique and discipline. With your outside foot back, the first step out of your stance is a short step with your outside foot. To gain ground on your defender and to get your momentum moving toward the defender, take a six inch gain step.  [ Read More ]

Technique Tuesday – Quarterback Throwing Mechanics

Developing a quarterback’s throwing motion is like a basketball player shooting a free throw — tireless hours practicing reptition is key. If your throwing mechanics are sound, there will be consistent results in your passes. Comfortably ‘carriage’ the football close to your chest, with elbows relaxed and pointed toward the ground. Quiet upper body, athletic lower body. Keep your front shoulder closed. The ball will  [ Read More ]