June, 2018

Slide Feet First

Best Ability is Availability      As a quarterback your most important ability is AVAILABILTY. If you are unable to stay healthy your coaches and teammates will be not be able to count on you. In some instances you are forced to scramble in the pocket or rush for extra yards. Make sure you slide feet first to prevent injury. If you decided to slide  [ Read More ]

Proper Tackling Form

– Get Low – Wrap up your opponent – Keep your head up – Drive your feet – Make sure they fully hit the ground

Route Running Tip

Ever heard your coach say to settle when running routes? He is most likely telling you this because you’re already open but not looking for the ball. Learn to sit and settle in the zone. Find a soft spot in the defense and box yourself out so that your quarterback can find you. This will allow you to box out defenders and give your quarterback  [ Read More ]

FBU Alum Joey Bosa NFL Top 100

The NFL Network ranks the Top 100 players every season. Football University alum Joey Bosa made the list at No. 37.   Bosa finished the 2018 season with 12.5 sacks and 70 total tackles. He is regarded as one of the top pass rushers in the entire league. Bosa began his path to stardom at FBU Central Florida when he was in high school.

Path continues for Cole Snyder

Southwest Senior High School quarterback Cole Snyder has decided where he will continue his academic and athletic career. Snyder verbally committed to Rutgers on June 6th, 2018. Before Cole became the face of the #Kn19hts recruiting class he was a small town recruit. In the spring of 2017 he attended FBU Nashville. After performing well in Nashville he received an invitation to the prestigious FBU  [ Read More ]

Go out and compete

Some athlete are fortunate enough to be the best athlete at their school or in the area. Those players excel at local camps and make a name for themselves. Unfortunately many of those athlete never reach their full potential. They are unable to reach their potential because they have not been exposed to the top level of competition. In order to see how you stack  [ Read More ]

Getting Exposure Is More Than Just Showing Up

There’s a buzzword thrown around – ‘exposure’ – all too often in youth and prep sports these days. If you’re reading this, I’m sure you’ve heard it or read it. To get recruited, you have to get exposure; exposure leads to recruitment, which leads to scholarships. The previous sentence is not wholly true and is way too simple. Sure, it’s logical to think that without  [ Read More ]

Wide Receiver Pass Catching Tip

  You can’t be elite an wide receiver unless you have elite pass catching skills. The best way to become a better pass catching is to build muscle memory. Receivers should be catching a minimum of 100 balls per day.

Route Running Tip

The key to being a great receiver is route running. If you are able to run crisp routes it will help you get open on a regular basis. Football University provides a tip on how to be an effective route runner.   Receivers, make sure you come back for the ball. Attack the ball with fully extended arms. If you do not go back for  [ Read More ]

Quarterback Pre-Snap Tips

Quarterbacks play a critical role in their teams on-field success. Before they can hand off the ball or throw a pass they must complete some pre-snap tasks. Football University provides three crucial Pre-Snap Tips for quarterbacks. –  survey the defense – check the sideline for adjustments – make sure your teammates are aligned correctly