New Jersey – May 13-14

May 13-14, 2017  |  Dover, New Jersey

FBU New Jersey 2017 will take place May 13-14 at Dover Middle School. We anticipate this camp will sell out.

Colleges in attendance: 

Dean Kings  plymouth state  imgresRochester 


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Dear Coach,

I feel compelled to send you this brief note simply to thank you for what you did for your boys at FBU this weekend.  I can’t tell you how so very impressed I was to hear your messages to the kids as I sat in the back room of class and on the sideline of the field.

It’s obvious to me that you have a very special talent for connecting with the younger boys in a very emotional and fundamental way. I was so impressed on how your messages were short, repetitive, and struck straight to their core.

The camp ended 6 hours ago and Justin still can’t stop talking about what an incredible experience you gave him.  The lessons that you gave him relating to not just the game, but to life as a whole, have struck a chord in him (and us) and for that we are truly grateful.

I must say that it was my pleasure to be able to sit in the back of class and listen to the messages that you telegraphed to these young, eager boys and I must tell you that the fundamental messages you shared regarding how to become a great football player and a great person in life itself, is something that will remain with Justin and the other boys for many years to come.

Thank you so much for your dedication to grooming young men to be the best contributors to society that they can be and to helping them understand how to play this fantastic game.

It’s going to be many, many months before Justin and his parents can drill through the many lessons you’ve offered him to learn; and we thank you so much for that.

We are thrilled to see him have the opportunity to take his game further by participating in TOP GUN and hope such an experience makes him a better person as he develops.  Thanks for giving him such a precious opportunity to grow his self-confidence and skills…

Thank you so much, your fans,

Lawrence & Michele Rosenthal

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