For Parents

for-parentsThe FBU experience is for both student-athletes and their family members – family is an essential part of FBU. We understand the desire to provide your student-athlete with the absolute best tools to develop their all-around skillset, and the need to be part of their important life experiences. You and your student-athlete will not forget your time at FBU; time that you will cherish for the remainder of your football lives.

“My son was invited to FBU Houston. It was the best technical football instruction in the country, and unlike any other football experience I have seen in my long football career.”

– Ken Houston, Washington Redskins Hall of Fame Defensive Back, Parent of an FBU Houston Athlete

“Thank you, FBU, for an unbelievable experience. I cannot tell you how impressed I was to watch my son complete the same drills with the same coach that some of our favorite NFL players have worked with. The expertise of your staff is displayed minute by minute … You should take great pride in the service you provide and in the expert NFL staff.”

– T.J. McKay, Father of an FBU Phoenix Athlete