Chet Brooks


Position: Defensive Backs

Terrance "Chet" Brooks has been with the FBU Coaching Staff for many years!

Coach Brooks played high school football for infamous Dallas Carter High School. He went on to play college football for the Texas A&M Aggies and coined the name "Wrecking Crew" for their defense.  Brooks was selected by the 49ers in the 11th round of the 1988 NFL Draft.

He started in Super Bowl XXIV where the 49ers won the championship in a blowout victory over the Denver Broncos. Chet played in the NFL for 3 seasons before suffering career-ending injury during the 49ers' game vs. the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field on November 4, 1990.

Playing Career

  • University of Texas Tech (1984-1987)
  • San Francisco 49ers (1988-1990)

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