FBU Testimonials

“My son is a 16-year old sophomore who has attended two Football University camps, including Top Gun camp last summer in Dublin, Ohio. I would like to thank you for hosting such a first rate experience for my developing football player. In both camps my son has learned more about playing his position in just a few days than he will learn the rest of the year. Your coaches teach the skills as they are being played today in both college and NFL levels, which is not always available from high school coaches. My son’s varsity coach says he is the best pass rusher he has coached in many years. I attribute this to the coaching he received at Football University. The sessions for the parents are also extremely beneficial. The NCAA is not easily navigated when it comes to scholarships and the guidance provided in the parent sessions is extremely valuable. Again, thank you for providing such a quality experience for both my son and for me.”

– Randy Miller, San Diego, CA

“I as a parent just wanted to say thanks. Thanks for just having the FBU program. Our son Malachi Ince, went to one of your camps in Vancouver and was invited to Top Gun. From that invitation we partnered with NCSA. I must admit at the time it seemed like a large expenditure. However, not knowing the football world, this seemed like an avenue that would help us along with our son to the next level.

So we watched our son progress through the next several years of football. The FBU coaches and NCSA staff and mentors, were consistently amazing and helpful both on and off the field.

We have watched our son’s passion for football grow. We have also watched his determination and dedication to academics grow accordingly. It is with a thankful heart and of course parental pride that we now have the pleasure of taking that next step with our son. He has been confirmed with Earlham College in Indiana to play football in the fall of 2015.

I look forward to working through this next four years with the NCSA staff. If any parent questions whether or not this is a viable avenue …. please let them know it is.

With many, many thanks to all of you!”

– Loree Ince, Snooke, BC

“My name is Alton Frazier, Jamarye Joiner’s Dad. Some things you cannot make up as a parent and FBU has been better to us than the lottery. Coach Sinjon has been a blessing since day one speaking with the athletes in their opportunities if they just put forth the effort into FBU. He spent countless hours of his personal time, working with the young athletes on any and all positions regardless of skill levels. We have been in AYS since 2004 and there has never been a day where opportunities to play any position, one on one coaching, knowledgeable coaching, and athlete growth could all be given in one season.

Me and my family had given up on football because only the coaches kids played skilled positions which led to no growth through the years for remaining athletes. You either played O-line or D-line regardless of talent. FBU gave my son an opportunity to be a quarterback; coached him up on offensive and defensive reads; invited him to Tempe High School FBU Camp where he learned proper technique and critiqued his every move. He became FBU 8th grade standout for the camp in 2014.

This confidence and expertise led to him walking into one of the top high schools in the state to become a starting QB as a freshman, a UNC scholarship, Arizona Daily Star Freshman Headliner, and ESPN/Maxpreps Top 50 2018 recruits in the nation – all because of FBU. Many gamble to win the lottery and dream of riches, but FBU is a lottery where every athlete wins. There is not a program in Arizona that comes close to the level, expertise, and opportunity of FBU. You cannot compare dad and family elected coaches (AYS) to professional and trained coaches with FBU. FBU exposure and level of play is untouchable not to mention the opportunities.

Me and my family are forever grateful for everything you have done and for this amazing jump start. Anytime FBU needs a parent to speak to anyone, any place, and/or anytime, my family will be their biggest supporters and/or spokesfamily for FBU.

Thank You from the bottom of our hearts.”

– Alton Frazier, Vail, AZ

“I would like to thank you for a wonderful and blessed time at Top Gun. My two sons, Tait and Nathan, had the full support from our community here in Goochland, VA. The people helped them get there. Even though I had to do car repairs on the day we were leaving that was ok we still made it there and it was well worth it to come. Also, when we came back to Goochland on Sunday, Tait and Nathan who work at the Food Lion and Hardees had to check their work schedules. When they walked in the Hardees and Food Lion people cheered them on. So they were so overwhelmed by the support that they got from the community they were speechless. All of that was because of people like you, and the NFL coaches that worked with my sons. Coach Mike for the Offensive Linemen who showed my son Tait how he can use his feet more to become more flexible along with Coach Williams for the Defensive Linemen and all of the other former NFL coaches have given them the best encouragement that will benefit them on the field and throughout life. The Linebacker coaches did a wonderful job at showing my son Nathan how to put in more effort in his body movements during his time of execution on plays. Nathan said that he knows that with everything he has learned that he can be a better linebacker representing Goochland this year. They both have decided that Football University is the best in the nation and I can agree to that. I have a stack of Football University fliers that I will be passing out to the people here in Goochland at the high school and Tait and Nathan’s coaches at the little league will give them out to the parents there so you will see a lot more athletes from Goochland next year. Thank you and all of your staff at the Football University for BEING A POSITIVE INFLUENCE IN MY FAMILY’S LIFE. ‘We love you all for life.’ May God continue to keep you and bless you as much as you are blessing others.”

– Mechee N. Wilson, Goochland, VA

“FBU has been an amazing opportunity for me. Through the skills I was taught at the past few camps and invitation to Top Gun, I have realized that I want so much more from my football skills. This past year I attended MacArthur High School a 5A school and was moved from freshman to Varsity in my freshman year. Over the summer I was blessed with the opportunity to be able to attend Saint Mary’s Hall College Prep. I’m a part of a legacy being built here at this private school. Next season we hope to be a part of the SPC and show people that not only do we excel in the classroom but on the field also. I strive to use my FBU knowledge to dominate my opponents while maintaining a 3.67 GPA.

I hope that I make the radar over the next few years to have an opportunity to make my family proud and play in the U.S. Army All-American Bowl.

God Bless you all for helping all of us athletes to excel and reach our goals! FB…U Know!”

– Jordan Miller, 10th Grader, San Antonio, TX

“As a family we wanted to thank FBU for helping our son, Lance Wright. On February 5 he officially signed a letter of intent to receive a full ride scholarship to Rice University in Texas. Charlie Collins is a phenomenal coach who helped Lance at several camps and mentored him through his entire journey. We are so lucky we found FBU. Thanks for helping Lance get to where he is with perfecting his technique and helping him to reach his potential. We are so excited for his future.”

– The Wright Family, Fairbanks, Alaska