Thurmond Moore


Position: Defensive Lines

Coach Moore has spent his career honing the ability and technique of top defensive lineman at all levels - prep, college and in the NFL. Now he is bringing his knowledge to Football University. After making his first appearance at Top Gun last year, Moore wanted to be part of the FBU program.

Moore has extensive experience on the defensive side of the ball, including coaching at a dozen collegiate football programs, several NFL teams and NFL Europe. Moore has made collegiate stops at Tulsa, Colorado State, North Texas, Syracuse and UCLA. In the NFL, he has worked with the St. Louis Rams, Oakland Raiders, San Francisco 49ers, Arizona Cardinals and served as the Buffalo Bills’ defensive coordinator from 2001-03. He most recently was the defensive line coach of the New York Sentinels of the United Football League.

Notable NFL Players Coached or Trained:

  • All-Pro Dwight Freeney, DE, Indianapolis Colts
  • All-Pro Simeon Rice, DE, Arizona Cardinals/Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • All-Pro Joey Porter, LB, Arizona Cardinals/Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Pro Bowler Pat Williams, DT, Minnesota Vikings
  • 2011 NFL Draft first-round selections J.J. Watt and Cameron Jordan

Thurmond Moore Trains the Best NFL Prospects

When future NFL first-round draft pick Dontari Poe was looking to train for the NFL Combine and NFL Draft, he turned to FBU instructor Thurmond Moore. Moore is one of the most-respected coaches of defensive lineman the game has ever seen at all levels of the game. He is a master of technique, which he learned through working with St. Louis, Oakland, San Francisco, Arizona and Buffalo in the NFL and major collegiate programs such as UCLA and Syracuse.

Poe was an all-Conference USA defensive tackle at the University of Memphis who had one of the best NFL Combine performance of recent years. Not only did the 350-pounder run a 4.8 40-yard dash, but he did the bench press an astounding 44 times. ESPN's Todd McShay called it a "epic workout performance" and NFL Network's Mike Mayock moved Poe from number three to number one on his defensive tackle list.

Poe knew Moore had trained numerous NFL Pro Bowlers such as Dwight Freeney, Simeon Rice, Joey Porter and Pat Williams, but he also trained two first-round NFL Draft selections last season in J.J. Watt and Cameron Jordan. To improve his game, he had to go to the best. Keep an eye out during the NFL Draft on April 26 to see where he goes in the first round, where he projected to be selected in the top 15 picks!