Joe McCulley


Position: Quarterbacks

Joe McCulley played QB at Tulsa, immediately jumping into his coaching career after graduation. He has spent nearly 40 years training quarterbacks and young players, including three decades as a head coach at high schools in the Tulsa area. One of the players that McCulley has trained is Josh Freeman, an up and coming star of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Coaching at Football University’s Top Gun enabled Joe to “coach the nation’s top players on one big stage.” McCulley believes that you need to “use proper technique everyday” in order to master the quarterback position. He is now teaching those techniques to the next generation of players at Football University.

Joe McCulley
FBU Quarterback Coach
Playing Career
College: University of Tulsa

Coaching Highlights
Coached 6 All-State quarterbacks
Produced 25 All-State players
Won 15 district titles
12 times District Coach of the Year