Frequently Asked Questions


What athletes does FBU train?

FBU trains athletes from 6th-12th grade.

When and where is the nearest camp?

Click here to find a camp near you.

How much does it cost to attend a camp?

New Registrants
$565 monthly payment plan, or $495 pay-in-full.

Is FBU a combine?

No, FBU is a two-day training and development camp.

Is FBU an overnight camp?

No, FBU is not an overnight camp.

How long has FBU been around?

Since 2007.

May parents stay and participate in the camp?

Absolutely! We love to have parents at FBU. We encourage them to watch the on- and off-field instruction, and film and photograph as well. We have special segments and speakers dedicated and tailored specifically for the parents. At the end of camp, moms participate in a football toss and dads play catch with our NFL faculty.

What gear do I need to bring to camp? What gear is supplied?

Athletes are supplied with adidas FBU shorts, adidas FBU shirt, GameBreaker soft shell helmet, and a branded cinch bag.

It is recommended that athletes bring sunscreen, towel, cleats and sneakers and/or slides to wear during classroom sessions. OL/DL must bring their own helmets to camp. 

What meals are covered during a FBU camp?

Lunch is covered on both Saturday and Sunday.

What is the FBU cancellation policy?

Cancellation Insurance Protection entitles an athlete to receive a full refund of the camp tuition (except the $50 insurance fee) if the athlete cancels his attendance, for any reason, by the close of business the day before the FBU camp for which the athlete is registered.  If the athlete fails to attend the camp and cancels post the event, with the cancellation protection insurance the athlete will be entitled to a refund minus the deposit plus the insurance fee.  Please note that the Cancellation Protection Insurance should be purchased at the time of making the deposit/purchase of the Camp (and will be included in the total tuition/deposit amount) but must be purchased within seven (7) business of the purchase of the Camp, and will not be available as an option at any time within thirty (30) days of the first day of the Camp being purchased.

What is the FBU refund policy?

A Football University event price includes a non-refundable deposit amount (applies to both payment plan and pay in full options).  In the event an athlete cancels their attendance more than thirty (30) days before the Camp for which he is registered, the athlete is entitled to receive a refund of 50% of the monies that have been paid minus the nonrefundable deposit or a full rollover for a subsequent Camp (either a camp later in the current season or a next year’s camp).   If an athlete cancels his attendance within thirty (30) days prior to the first day of the Camp, he is not entitled to any cash refund for any reason, but can elect to rollover 50% of any monies paid less the nonrefundable deposit.   If an athlete has not cancelled his attendance prior to the first day of the Camp and then fails to attend the Camp, no refund will be made nor is there any opportunity to rollover any of the monies paid.

How can I contact FBU?

You can reach FBU by calling 973-366-5027 or by emailing


Who are the coaches?

FBU’s elite faculty is comprised of NFL-experienced coaches and players. Click here to learn about our coaches.

Will I get the same coach if I train at another FBU camp?

Possibly. FBU has a core group of coaches who train at many of the camps, however we have a deep coaching roster of some of the best minds in football so there is some fluctuation in the coaching rosters from camp-to-camp.

How are the coaches selected?

FBU searches for qualified coaches each year who want to teach at FBU. We select each instructor based on NFL playing and/or coaching experience to lead the FBU curriculum and agree to pay them a premium to train our athletes.


Does FBU have contact drills?

No, FBU camps focus exclusively on technique training and therefore do not require full pads. There are no full-contact drills, but the offensive and defensive linemen do some skill and technique drills where they do engage in contact at full speed. During those drills, both groups wear helmets for safety.

Can I train at more than one position during a FBU camp?

No. In order to fully learn the skills and technique being taught and to get the proper evaluation and classroom work, it is necessary for athletes to concentrate on one position per FBU camp. It is recommended that you attend Football University as the position you most want to improve upon, or the position you want to play at the next level.

How does the evaluation process work?

After each camp, your coach will sit down with you and your parent(s)/guardian(s) and discuss in-depth how you performed and what you can improve upon in the future.


How can I purchase FBU apparel?

Authentic Football University apparel is available online, and at merchandise tables at every FBU event.


Who is Top Gun?

Elite middle and high school athletes, chosen from the 28 Football University regional camps along with about 100 of our NFL coaches.

What is Top Gun?

The largest gathering of prep and youth talent in the world, where the top athletes from Football University’s regional camps square off against each other to improve their skills and technique while finding out where they stand through intense competition.

Where and when is Top Gun?

The High School FBU Top Gun Showcase will take place July 8-10, and the Middle School Top Gun July 12-14, at South Pointe High School, in Rock Hill, SC – aka Football City USA.

Who decides which athletes are selected for TOP GUN?

TOP GUN participants are chosen by our NFL faculty and our FBU staff at FBU Regional Camps.

What ages may participate at TOP GUN?

Athletes from 6th-grade through 12th-grade.


Is FBU affiliated with the U.S. Army All-American Bowl?

Yes. The parent company of Football University and the U.S. Army All-American Bowl, All American Games, owns and produces both FBU and the U.S. Army All-American Bowl.

How can I get into the U.S. Army All-American Bowl?

The U.S. Army All-American Bowl Selection Committee selects the East and West rosters each year. Every high school football senior is eligible for selection. The selection process kicks off at the U.S. Army National Combine and proceeds across the country during various combines, camps, and clinics.

For more information on the U.S. Army All-American Bowl selection process, click here.


Can FBU help get me into the U.S. Army National Combine?

One of the major advantages of participating in FBU camps and TOP GUN is it greatly increases the possibility of being selected to participate in our National Combine. You will get noticed at one of our many regional camps.