April, 2018

NFL Draft Top 10 Available

  1. Saquon Barkley  Physical freak  Plug and play prospect, no need to sit and learn     2. Bradley Chubb   Plays with extremely good technique and fundamentals    Arguably the safest pick in the entire draft     3. Quenton Nelson      Plays with extremely good technique and fundamentals    Arguably the safest pick in the entire draft 4. Sam Darnold    [ Read More ]

Defensive Back Tip: Defending the sideline

Football has been transforming into a pass happy sport for years now. In order to stay with the times defenders have had to begin using different techniques and strategies. Football University provides a breakdown of how to stop a fade from being completed.   Step 1. Allow the receiver to get an outside release. Step 2. Get hands on the receiver and force them to  [ Read More ]

Top 5 NFL Corners

Defensive backs are commonly some of the highest paid players on the roster. If your team is able to solidify a lockdown corner it makes life much easier for the other 10 people on the field. Football University breaks down the Top 5 corners heading into the 2018 season. Patrick Peterson One of the few corners in the league who can consistently follow the opposing  [ Read More ]

FBU Tight Ends Rankings 1-5

Tight Ends are considered a security blanket for all quarterbacks. The current NFL Draft class has several tight ends who can both catch and block. Football University goes in-depth on the pros and cons of the top five available tight end prospects. Mark Andrews + Strong route runner + Athletic build   – Poor blocker – Must regain old speed, speed levels changed while at  [ Read More ]

FBU Running Back Rankings 1-5

The NFL Draft continues to get closer and closer, this year’s running back class has plenty of 1st round talent. Teams will be forced to decide which runner best fits their system. Football University gives you a breakdown of the top five available running back prospects in the draft. Saquon Barkley + Physical freak, tested through the roof at the NFL Combine + Improved pass  [ Read More ]